ACV INOX tank COMFORT E 100 – 240Liter without recirculation, with integrated electric heater 2,2kW

COMFORT E INOX water tanks, high quality 30mm thick polyurethane insulation, luxurious processing: an elegant, sturdy polypropylene casing shock resistant, integrated: 2.2kW electric heater, thermostatic control panel and winter / summer switch. Surface modifiers from 1.03 to 1.94m², power of 23 – 53kW. Energy EQUAL water tanks COMFORT E with hot water production (heated outdoor boiler) 40ºC from 705 – 1820litars in 60min. All COMFORT E water tanks have a KIWA certificate and EUR 1.

Product description

Indirectly heated storage water tanks with ‘’Tank in Tank’’ system for fast production of sanitary hot water up to 90°C, energy class C (all models), with the option of mounting in multiple positions: horizontal or vertical on the wall or floor, and with an integrated 2,2kW electric heater housed in the primary heating circuit.