ACV INOX tank JUMBO 800 – 1000 with recirculation

Highly energy-efficient INOX water heater for rapid production of sanitary hot water, with recirculation’’Tank in Tank’’, internal boiler made of INOX ASTM / AISI 304, with insulation of 120mm stone wool, with a static loss of less than 2°C / 8h, alternating surfaces 4.56 – 5.50m², power 100 – 112kW, max operating temperature 90°C, production of hot water (heated by external boiler) from 4,270 – 4,940 liters of water 40°C / 60 minutes, water heating time of 10°C at 85°C from 30 -35 min. All boilers JUMBO have a KIWA certificate and EUR 1.Made in EU.

Product description

Indirectly heated INOX water heater according to ‘’Tank in Tank’’ system for quick production of sanitary hot water up to 90°C, coefficient NL 67 – 87