ACV INOX tank SL 320 – 600 with recirculation

Highly energy-efficient INOX water heater for rapid production of sanitary hot water, with recirculation system “Tank in Tank”, internal boiler made of INOX ASTM / AISI 304, with insulation of 50mm polyurethane foam, with a static loss of less than 2°C / 8h, exchanger surface 2.65 – 4.36m², power 73 – 88kW, max operating temperature 90°C, production of hot water (heated by external boiler) from 2.666 -3.437liter of water 40°C / 60 minutes, water heating time of 10°C at 85°C from 23 -35 min.  All water heater models SL have a KIWA certificate and EUR 1.Made in EU.

Product description

Indirectly heated INOX water heater according to the “Tank in Tank” system for quick production of sanitary hot water up to 90°C, energy class C (all models)