ACV storage tanks for multi-energy type SMART ME 200-800

Inner tank made of INOX ASTM / AISI 304, external STW 22 carbon steel tank (DIN.1614) with polyurethane insulation (no CFC) 50mm, static loss of less than 2°C / 8h, boiler coil range of 1.26- 2.65m², 24-54kW, spiral coil 1.42-3m², working pressure 10 bar, max operating temperature 90°C, water production 40°C via spiral of 738-1690 liters in 60 minutes and indirectly heated boiler of 1063-2666 liters in 60 minutes.  All models have a KIWA certificate and EUR 1. Made in Belgium

Product description

INOX high-efficiency storage tanks, multi-energy type, to be installed on the floor. Possibility to heat by coil, by heat transfer fluid or by optional electrical resistance (except for Smart ME 800).