Camel Solar Evacuated Tubes – Evacuated 10

The collector is composed of 10 evacuated tubes with highly efficientselective coatings. The Glass tube has a PVD (physical vapourdeposition) selective coating inside enhancing the absorption ofthe tube.Inside the glass tube are U type copper pipes. These pipes arewelded to an additional absorber. This absorber has its ownpatented selective coating increasing the heat transfer to thecopper pipes and intern to the heat transfer fluid.The U type copper pipes join two separate manifolds which arecarefully placed in an anodized aluminum box and insulated witha high density rock wall.Combining the latest research and technology this is one of themost efficient collectors on the market today and has recievedSolar Keymark Certification (N0 011-7S1819R).The Collector is perfect for domestic, commercial and industrialapplications with a stagnation temperature of 250°C.Collector efficiency of 0.73 on the absorption surface. Clients areusing these panels for swimming pool applications, heating pools past 30°c without any other form of energy.

Product description

Number of vacuum tubes: 10
Gross Area: 1,60m²
Absorber Area: 0,81m²