Camel Solar Flat Plate collector 2.0-4

The CS Flat Plate collector is composed of a special façade fullplate absorber, coated with high quality, selective PVD (physical vapour deposition) coating. The absorber sheet is then welded to a register comprising of 10 copper pipes. The absorber is welded using latest welding techniques to improve the heat transfer from the absorber to the heat transfer fluid in the copper pipes. The completed absorber is placed into an aluminium anodized frame box and isolated with high density rockwool. The glass is solar glass which is tempered, iron-free antreflective. The low-soiling coating on the glass is anti-dust and anti-corrosive. It keeps the glass clear with the same optical characteristics, which means that it can effectively help clean itself. The sealing between the casing and glass is done using high temperature resistant silicone, for an attractive finish and minimal heat loss.

Product description

Solar plate collector designed for vertical and horizontal installation.
Gross area: 2.02m²
Absorber area: 1.83m²