Industry humidity maintenance systems

Fruit and vegetables are largely composed of water. The loss of freshness is mainly due to a quick dehydration of the product, further to the evaporation of the water. Water evaporates, due to a difference between its values contained into the vegetables and in the surrounding air. By means of a misting system, the humidit level in the air re-establishes its optimal values, blocking the dehydration process. Additionally, a TecnoCooling fog system, following the adiabatic principle, reduces the temperatures and cools the products displayed at the counters.

TecnoCooling systems for moisture maintenance have wide application: in wood, meat, tobacco and other industries, as well as in wineries, hotels, supermarkets, markets, restaurants, beaches …

Product description

TecnoCooling misting system re-establishes to optimal values the humidity level, blocking dehydration process, keeping the freshness of food for longer time.