MTA Air-water chillers GALAXY TECH 329-1349kW

The chillers of the GALAXY TECH series, with environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant, represent the best solution for  centralised hydronic air conditioning for large areas (such as airports, offices, shopping centres, cinemas, etc.), and offer energy savings in all operating conditions

Product description

The multi scroll technology used in the GALAXY TECH series, proportionally adapting the cooling capacity produced to the actual demand from the system, allows a decrease in the hydraulic volume required for thermal inertia as well as considerable energy savings. The high number of compressors (up to 12) and independent refrigeration circuits (up to 4) reduce the possibility of downtime, increasing the level of overall reliability of the system, thus ensuring continuity of operation in a wide range of applications.
The modular condensing section allows the progressive stopping of fans according to the instant thermal load, helping to increase the seasonal energy efficiency of the units

Air-water chillers with scroll compressor and R410A.
Nominal cooling capacity 329-1349 kW.