MTA air-water condenser chillers and a heat pumps MCHCYGNUS TECH 7-66kW

MCHCYGNUS TECH is the reversible condensing units series designed for outdoor installation and environmentally friendly refrigerant gas R410A. The use of axial fans with electronic speed control and the generous sizing of the condensing coils ensures the MCHCYGNUS TECH reversible condensing units maximum quietness.High flexibility and the compact size make the range of MCHCYGNUS TECH reversible condensing units particularly suitable for use combined with air handling units for commercial and residential air conditioning systems. High seasonal energy efficiency. Reduced noise levels. Wide range of accessories and kits for custom solutions.

Product description

Condensing unit for cooling and heating. Suitable for residential systems

Nominal cooling capacity 7-63kW   Nominal heating capacity 7-66kW