MTA Air-water heat pumps HAEEVO TECH 13- 91kW

The HAEevo Tech reversible heat pumps are high efficiency units specifically designed for the wine industry, and generally for all the industrial plants where hot water is required. Other applications where the HAEevo Tech heat pumps are effectively employed are: the temperature control of the calenders for cooling / heating of plastic films and cylinders for flexographic printing; the heating of buildings; food plants drying and distillation; plants for the processing of wood and paper; chemical plants. Thanks to the new heat exchangers with high surface, the new scroll compressors and the use of R410A refrigerant, the HAEevo Tech units feature energy efficiency class A+ (according to Erp directive –  Ecodesign for energy related products – ENER Lot 1 – Tier 2 09/2017).

Product description

High efficiency air-water chillers and heat pumps.
Nominal cooling capacity 15,9 – 90,8 kW. Nominal heating capacity 13,6 – 83,8 kW.