Thermocold Air-water multifunctional heat pumps ENERGY PROZONE from 50-665kW

ENERGY PROZONE is a total recovery multi-functional unit equipped with 2 water circuits: the main circuit supplying hydronic terminals and a secondary circuit with a recovery heat  exchanger specifically dimensioned for hot sanitary water production. Extension of the range with Multiscroll technology up to 870 kW (only EA version).

Conformity to new Directive ErP 2017. Electronic Expansion valve standard.  Standard Modbus RS485 card. The DIGITAL DEFROST is a digital self – adaptive defrost system able to intervene only in case of formation of a consistent thickness of ice on the fins of the condensing coils. High energy efficiency assured by oversized heat exchange coils and high energetic performance fans. ECO-PROFILE Fans. Due to the innovative profile, these fans ensure high efficiency by reducing power input and sound emissions. The DYNAMIC LOGIC CONTROL manages the differential of the inlet water temperature in accordance to the speed variation. Thanks to the DLC the number of the compressors’ start decreases ensuring economic and energetic savings. The function DYNAMIC SET POINT allows to change simultaneously the set point to achieve always the conditions of best comfort and, above all, the maximum energy saving.rgy saving.

Product description

Air-water multifunctional unit for 2 pipe systems with Scroll compressors for heating, air conditioning and hot water production up to 60°C.
Heating capacity: 50 – 505kW
Cooling capacity: 55 – 582kW
Heat recovery: 63 – 665kW

Outdoor temperature: -16°C         Max output temperature: 60°C