Technopartner Group is a company founded with the goal of becoming your partner in finding the best solution for your house, factory, sports facility, farm. As a company dedicated to finding the best solutions in the field of, heating and air conditioning systems for both domestic and industrial use, we provide our customers high quality solution, characterized by high utilization and significant energy savings. As representatives of large and well-known companies, we have the obligation to provide the highest quality products and service at any time.

The concept “JUST IN TIME”

That is why we have introduced the concept “JUST IN TIME”, which involves the utilization of existing resources, all in order to create a new way of business that would involve rounding up the sales and service process, both in terms of product quality, design, delivery deadline, and in terms of closure the most favorable financial structure. The main advantages of our company are quality assortment, quality service and always ready financial solution.

Renewable energy

Solar energy and other renewable energy sources are something that is the future of all of us, and the TechnoPartner Group, as a company looking into the future, has provided its customers with the best solutions in this segment, all under the most favorable conditions.

We are particularly proud of our program dedicated to users in agriculture (farms, cooperatives), where we can offer solutions that meet all needs, with minimal investments. Realizing that agriculture is the most important branch of Serbia’s development, we have provided our clients with the latest solutions in the field of hot water systems, air conditioning, humidification for farms, wine cellars, greenhouses, warehouses … All solutions are in line with existing European standards and with the latest world trends in agriculture.

For all our clients, TechnoPartner Group has provided the best subsidized loan arrangements, in cooperation with our partners from the Agency for Consulting and Business Plans, as well as with the most eminent commercial banks in the country.


TechnoPartner Group Friend with you and nature