Commercial equipment

Sistemi Za Hladjenje i zagrevanje u komercijalnoj upotrebi.

miniVRF systems

Panasonic provides a wide range of solutions for medium and large objects. Combines the best options to meet all the needs and constraints in different locations.
The Panasonic 2-pipe Mini ECOi system with 2-pipe heat pump is specifically designed for the most demanding applications. Mini ECOi is available in 5 sizes with a cooling capacity ranging from 12.1 kW to 28 kW and with the ability to connect up to 15 indoor units. The Mini ECOi unit is compatible with the same internal units and controls as the other ECOi models and represents the extension of the Panasonic VRF product line.



Cooling devices for the preparation of cold water for space cooling or in production processes. Condenser units of chillers can be cooled: air, water or combined.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are devices for heating and cooling of space, as well as for preparation of hot sanitary water.

In our offer we offer brands Thermocold and MTA.

Chillers and Heat Pumps

Multifunctional heat pumps

Multifunctional heat pumps are used for heating, cooling, and for the preparation of hot sanitary water. Multifunctional heat pumps allow the user to have completely free hot water during the period when space is being cooled.
Multifunctional heat pumps have integrated two exchangers (heating / cooling and hot sanitary water) and two circulating pumps with phase speed control.

Multifunctional heat pumps, in our offer, meet all European standards for ecology, and enegyptic efficiency.


Multifunctional heat pumps

Solar Collectors and Water heaters

The sun, as a source of renewable energy, we use for the preparation of hot sanitary water power generation. In our offer you can choose collectors for the production of hot sanitary water: plates or vacuum collectors.

Both models of collectors are highly efficient and have Solar Keymark Certification

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Water heaters and Storage Tank

Exclusive ACV concept of stainless steel (INOX)

ACV, thanks to its unique “Tank in Tank” technology, provides comfort in hot sanitary water and ensures energy efficiency and durability as well as lower maintenance costs. The Tank in Tank System specially designed for use with heat pumps and solar collectors, has a high primary capacity and avoids the continuous operation of the heat pump and contributes to improved efficiency and energy efficiency.


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Multi Split system

New Ethere with intelligent Econava sensor and new nanoe ™ air purification system: exceptional efficiency of A +++, comfort (Super Quiet technology only 19 dB (A)) and healthy air with the latest in design.
The new Etherea is incredibly thin design!
Perfectly fits into the most modern ambience. We have selected the best materials and processes for a sophisticated design. They are now available in elegant metallic or matte silver as well as mat or glossy white design.


Multi Split

Outdoor cooling

Evaporative cooling is responsible for the cooling you feel when cold air hits your skin. The vapor evaporates the water on the skin, with the heat of your body that provides energy.
By pouring water through a high pressure pump through specially designed nozzles, we design a mist made of ultra fine water droplets with a mean size of less than 10 microns. These small droplets of water quickly absorb the energy (heat) present in the environment and evaporate, become water vapor (gas). The energy (heat) used to change the water to the gas is eliminated from the environment, so the air cools.


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