This compact system, miniVRF, now available in versions of 4 to 10 hp, is an ideal solution for applications with minimal outside space, known as miniVRF, where quality and reliable heating and cooling are of paramount importance.

Designed for smaller commercial and residential areas!

The Panasonic 2-pipe Mini ECOi system with 2-pipe heat pump is specifically designed for the most demanding applications. Mini ECOi is available in 5 sizes with a cooling capacity ranging from 12.1 kW to 28 kW and with the ability to connect up to 15 indoor units. The Mini ECOi unit is compatible with the same internal units and controls as the other ECOi models and represents the extension of the Panasonic VRF product line.

Wide temperature range! The operating range for heating is up to -20°C, and at cooling to -10°C. The temperature setting of the remote control allows a range of 16°C to 30°C.

Higher tube length allows greater flexibility of performance! Adapted to different types and sizes of buildings. The maximum length of the pipe is up to 150 m.

Excellent solutions for heating and cooling! Perfect solution for small shops, offices, large residential buildings, as well as larger applications in commercial buildings, including hotels or larger office buildings in which the external system should not interfere with the environment.

Bluefin (for units from 8 to 10 hp)! Finishing the Bluefin protects the corrosion spiral and ensures that the unit will work with the same extraordinary thermal efficiency and performance over time.

New inverter compressor (for units of 8 to 10 hp)! Thanks to the highest COP value in its class, the high thermal performance of a wide heat exchanger and a wide range of inverter compressors that provide high efficiency against load, it also shows very high energy savings.

Quiet mode! The setting can be reduced to a maximum of 7 dB (A). In the case of installation in a residential building, silent work is important, especially at night.