Water Heaters

Exclusive ACV concept from stainless (INOX) steel

ACV, thanks to its unique ‘Tank in Tank” technology, provides comfort in hot sanitary water and ensures energy efficiency and durability as well as lower maintenance costs. Tank in Tank System specially designed for use with heat pumps and solar collectors, has high primary capacity and avoids the continuous operation of the heat pump and contributes to improving efficiency and energy efficiency:

Compared to classic boilers, ACV boilers with Tank in Tank technology have::

Large surface for heat transfer ( heat exchanger)
Unlimited amount of hot water and high sanitary comfort
Permissible hot water temperature up to 90°C
Minimum storage and reduced losses <3°C in 8hours
Heating time 10-80°C (heat source: boiler) (EN 12897) <15 min
Resistance of stainless steel – INOX to corrosion and high temperature

Water heaters expanding and depending on the temperature preventing the lime collection by more than 90%.
High efficiency and long working life
Hygienic and maintenance-free
Anti-legionna technology
High energy efficiency
Energy class A, with integrated electric heater Energy class B


All products are manufactured in Europe, possess EUR 1 and KIWA certificates

  • ACV INOX bojler COMFORT 100 – 240litara bez recirkulacije

  • ACV INOX tank COMFORT E 100 – 240Liter without recirculation, with integrated electric heater 2,2kW

  • ACV INOX tanks SMART GREEN 130 – 210 with recirculation

  • ACV storage tanks for multi-energy type SMART ME 200-800