Chillers cooling systems are coolers for cold water preparation for space cooling or production processes. Air conditioning system is a challenge and opportunity. Increasing energy efficiency and reducing environmental impacts; Providing comfort to human beings and improving their well-being, every day without interruption; providing a solution that is flexible for the needs of each individual application. Technopartner Group is committed to offering our customers high energy efficient chillers, meeting the toughest European standards, power up to 2000kW, all this and more …


All chillers products are produced in Europe, possess EUROVENT CERTIFICATE and EUR1



  • MTA water-water chillers and heat pumps NEPTUN TECH from 270 – 713kW

  • MTA water-water chillers and heat pumps AQUARIUS PLUS 2 464-1846kW

  • MTA water-water chillers TWEEVO TECH 12-196kW

  • Thermocold Air-water chillers AWA XEA 266-681kW

  • Thermocold Water cooled water chillers and heat pumps HEVW EA 444-745kW

  • Thermocold water-water chillers and heat pumps CWC PROZONE from 53 – 700kW

  • Thermocold Water-water chillers and heat pumps HEVW 374-772kW

Geothermal and
Condenser units

  • MTA air cooled condensing units MCTaurus Tech 72-158kW

  • MTA air-water condenser chillers and a heat pumps MCHCYGNUS TECH 7-66kW

  • MTA air-water condenser chillers MCCIGNUS TECH 7-64kW

  • Thermocold Geothermic chillers and heat pump CWC PROZONE GEO 53-541kW