Misting systems or moisture maintenance systems (or moisture maintenance systems) play an important role in the climate control of baste, cold storage, wine cellar, industrial plant. Misting systems are also used to maintain the right temperature and humidity in the environment, under forced or natural ventilation. During the summer period, the rapid evaporation of the fog will cool the space due to the principle of evaporative cooling, otherwise it will moisturise the environment in case of low relative humidity. During the winter period, the system retains the exact level of moisture that prevents the dehydration of products caused by heating systems. The environment produced by our system is suitable for the most sensitive products where traditional spraying methods such as standard spraying can not be used.

The fog system operates under pressure of 1000 PSI (70 bar) and is designed to produce drops of water smaller than 5-10 microns of diameter which, due to their size, remain suspended in the air for a long time, creating a fog effect. Generally, all manufacturers have a problem poor moisture and high temperatures. Serious problems arise when humidity in the environment drops below 30% RH.


The very low price of our systems is an important aspect of fog cooling compared to other climate control solutions. Energy costs are low, simple and fast installation, bearing in mind that systems are delivered in a variety of solutions or simple quick coupling solutions. Our systems are designed to work at very low cost and with minimal maintenance.


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