Solar Collectors and Water Heaters

The sun, as a source of renewable energy, is used for the preparation of hot sanitary water for the production of electricity. In our offer you can choose collectors for the production of hot sanitary water: plate or vacuum collectors. Both collector models are highly efficient and possess Solar Keymark Certification.


Vacuum and Plate collectors

Inox Water heaters

  • ACV INOX tank JUMBO 800 – 1000 with recirculation

  • ACV INOX tank models HR s 320-1000 with recirculation

Water heaters
with single coil

  • ACV storage tank with one coil LCA 1 CO models of 500-3000liters

Water heaters
with double coils

  • LAM combined tank with two coils GAMMA models of 500-2000litres

Multi-energy water heaters

  • ACV storage tanks for multi-energy type SMART ME 200-800