PANASONIC provides a wide range of solutions for medium and large objects. Combines the best options to meet all the needs and constraints in different locations.
PANASONIC is the only manufacturer that can integrate the electric and gas VRF system in the same project and deliver the best choice that brings benefits to our customers. It provides a wide choice of indoor units to which can be connected both heat exchangers, air control units and ventilation units with or without heat exchangers. All components are managed via a simple and powerful standalone remote control, a new centralized or cloud-based connection with a built-in 3G option.

Possibility of regulating the temperature of the outgoing air!

It is available in all VRF indoor units, and provides exceptional comfort. Output air cooler than 10°C is uncomfortable and can cause a malfunction. With Panasonic control of the output temperature, the temperature of the outlet air can be adjusted from 7°C to 22°C.

Extremely adapted for use in TRADE, HOTELS and OFFICES!


Very effective under partial load conditions

Panasonic has the most efficient solutions to optimize the installation of cooling, heating and the production of consumable hot water. While the kitchen requires cooling, hot water and heating of the public space requires heating, with the advantage of 100% of the fresh air that prevents the build up of the smell.

Smart combination of everything mentioned with Panasonic technology results in a simple and flexible system that adapts to all the requirements of the restaurant and the lower the cost of energy. In addition, Panasonic offers a unique solution for areas with limited electrical power, using ECO G units that run mainly natural gas or propane, which ensures comfort and consumption hot water in all places.

ECOi (Electric VRF system)

ECOi Electric VRF is specially designed for the most demanding hotels. A highly efficient system. Extended operating range that ensures heating at outdoor temperatures up to -25°C. Suitable for reconstruction.

Control box set for 3-pipe systems.

A new heat recovery box is linked to multiple indoor units using only one box; 4, 6 and up to 8 indoor units or groups. This provides good benefits, especially for hotel applications where there is limited space for connecting several boxes.

Manage your own way

A variety of commands, from simple user controls to full system management through the remote access function. Touchpad, internet server, consumption control, smartphone management … everything is possible.

Hydro kit for ECOi. Water at 45°C

It produces LT hot water, is ECOi compatible, heat pump and return heat exchanger.

Air control units for efficient ventilation

The new AHU kit is specially designed for a better efficiency of the preheating or ventilation preheating process.

The new AHU kit is specially designed for a better efficiency of the preheating or ventilation preheating process.

Very quiet units provide ideal air supply. Units available from 1.5 kW provide precise temperature control even in small rooms. Two models are available: a thin unit for areas where access to high parts is difficult (MM depth of only 200 mm depth), and the other that provides 100% fresh air (MF).

Wall mounting

The K2 / K1 wall unit has a modern built-in panel that not only looks good, it is easy to clean. The unit is smaller, lighter and significantly quieter than previous models, making it ideal for small offices and other commercial applications.

Air curtain with DX pipe spiral.

The Panasonic Air Curtain Line is designed for smooth and efficient operation.

For different protocols

High flexibility of installation in KNX / Modbus / LonWorks / BACnet installations allows complete two-way monitoring and control of all functional parameters. Different solutions for local or remote two-way control of the whole system.


Panasonic has developed solutions for application in stores and offices where return on investment is crucial! Comfort in store is crucial for a pleasant customer experience when shopping. With local management or through the new Panasonic cloud management system, it is possible to display the detailed status of the heating and cooling system, analyze and optimize it to improve energy efficiency, shorten work time and extend the life of units.

8 reasons why Panasonic is the best solution for your trade:

1. Complete solution
2. Flexibility and flexibility
3. Ecological trade: least CO2 emissions
4. Comfort – maximum satisfaction
5. Possibility of expansion
6. Panasonic has been definitely the most efficient system for years
7. High quality service with Panasonic Pro partner installation team
8. The system also works with 25% of connected indoor foods. The system will not stop if power
interruption occurs on up to 25% of internal units while switched on

PANASONIC VRF ECOi -katalog.pdf

PANASONIC VRF ECOi -catalog.pdf


Lower operating and usage costs. Panasonic’s ECOi systems are among the most efficient VRF systems on the market, with a COP value of more than 4.0 in full-load conditions. The system is also designed to keep in mind the reduction in operating costs of each system using our unique routine management routine to ensure the most efficient combination of compressors that work simultaneously. Improved sequencing of defrosting also reduces the cost of operation, deflecting each fan fan external conduit when the conditions permit. Up to 64 indoor units can be connected up to a capacity of 200% of indexed load of the indoor unit, which allows efficient use of systems in buildings with extremely different loads: such a large connection function is a solution for easy execution and installation in schools, hotels, hospitals and other large buildings. The length of the pipes up to 1,000 m allows the use of the new VRF ECOi series in very large buildings with maximum adjustable performance. The ECOi system is easy to operate.

VRC Panasonic EcoI EX




This compact system, now available in versions of 4 to 10 hp, is an ideal solution for applications with minimal outside space, where quality and reliable heating and cooling are of paramount importance.

Designed for smaller commercial and residential areas!

The Panasonic 2-pipe Mini ECOi system with 2-pipe heat pump is specifically designed for the most demanding applications. Mini ECOi is available in 5 sizes with a cooling capacity ranging from 12.1 kW to 28 kW and with the ability to connect up to 15 indoor units. The Mini ECOi unit is compatible with the same internal units and controls as the other ECOi models and represents the extension of the Panasonic VRF product line.

Wide temperature range! The operating range for heating is up to -20 ° C, and at cooling to -10 ° C. The temperature setting of the remote control allows a range of 16 ° C to 30 ° C.

Higher tube length allows greater flexibility of performance! Adapted to different types and sizes of buildings. The maximum length of the pipe is up to 150 m.

Excellent solutions for heating and cooling! Perfect solution for small shops, offices, large residential buildings, as well as larger applications in commercial buildings, including hotels or larger office buildings in which the external system should not interfere with the environment.

Bluefin (for units from 8 to 10 hp)! Finishing the Bluefin protects the corrosion spiral and ensures that the unit will work with the same extraordinary thermal efficiency and performance over time.

New inverter compressor (for units of 8 to 10 hp)! Thanks to the highest COP value in its class, the high thermal performance of a wide heat exchanger and a wide range of inverter compressors that provide high efficiency against load, it also shows very high energy savings.

Quiet mode! The setting can be reduced to a maximum of 7 dB (A). In the case of installation in a residential building, silent work is important, especially at night.