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  • ACV INOX tank models HR s 320-1000 with recirculation

  • ACV INOX tanks models HRi 321-800 with recirculation

  • ACV storage tank LCA models of 500-3000 liters

  • ACV storage tank with one coil LCA 1 CO models of 500-3000liters

  • ACV storage tanks for multi-energy type SMART ME 200-800

  • Industry humidity maintenance systems

  • LAM combined tank with two coils GAMMA models of 500-2000litres

  • MTA Air-water chillers TAEEVO TECH MINI 1,7- 4,6kW

  • MTA air cooled condensing units MCTaurus Tech 72-158kW

  • MTA Air-water chillers ARIES TECH 230-469kW

  • MTA Air-water chillers GALAXY TECH 329-1349kW

  • MTA Air-water chillers PHEONIX FREE COOLING 187-494kW