The TechnoPartner company has gained its reputation through a professional relationship with its associates, and our partners are the largest companies. We highlight some of the facilities where our equipment is installed.


Hemofarm Vršac – heat pump for air-water
Knjaz Miloš Aranđelovac – heat pump for air-water
Trade Unique Indjija – heat pumps air-water 500kW and 245Kw
Heba Bujanovac – heat pump for air-water
Autokomerc Belgrade – heat pump for air-water
Hotel ZIRA Belgrade – heat pump for air-water
Faculty of Law Belgrade – heat pump for air-water
Business object West End Belgrade – heat pumps air-waters
Shopping Center Petrovac na Mlavi – heat pump water-water, internal fan coil unit
Shopping center Kragujevac – water-water heat pump, indoor fan coil unit
Kalatecks ​​company Skopje – heat pump 85 kW
Seavus software company Skopje – heat recuperators
Telekom data center Skopje – heat pump for air-water
Elektrovolt Valjevo – heat pump-air 30 kW
Thermal power plants Skopje – heat pump-water 119 kW
Termoremont object Byzantium boulevard Nis – Chiler 120 kw + 60 fan coil unit
Vracar pools – heat pump 40 kW
Student home Uzice – Chiler 225 kw + 141 fan coil unit
Winery Veles – heat pump-air 30 kW
Gym DUBIS Zemun – heat pump 22 kW
Winery Gevgelija – heat pump 210 and 100 kW


Sports Center Cair Niš – Dual-use boiler, boilers
Kuća fudbala Stara Pazova Water heaters – Solar water heaters
Savograd Belgrade – Electric boiler, water heaters
Hotel Metropol Belgrade – Electric boilers, boilers
Hotel Oazis, Belgrade – Zemun – Dual purpose boilers
Drvengrad, Mecavnik, Mokra Gora – Solar panels
Hotel Mlinarev san – Arilje Water heaters
Factory YAZAKI Sabac – Gas boiler
Henkel Krusevac – Water heaters
Non stop fitness Belgrade – Water heaters
Villa RTS, Zlatibor – Water heaters
Villa Akademik, Zlatibor – Electric boiler, water heaters
Restaurant Zlatni Bor, Zlatibor – Water heaters
Soko Engineering – Water heaters
Delfin Wash Novi Sad – Dual purpose boilers
Hotel Geneva, Kragujevac – Dual purpose boilers solar collectors
In form Belgrade – Solar collectors
Kindergarten Belville Belgrade – Solar collectors and boilers
Hotel IN express – Water heaters
Kindergarten Stepa Stepanović – Water heaters
Car Washes Tecon Belgrade – Boiler gas / oil
Car Washes Tecon Sabac – Boiler gas / oil
Car Washes Tecon Novi Sad – Boiler gas / oil
Sports center Smederevo – Dual purpose boiler
Hotel Granit, Ohrid – Dual-use boilers, boilers


Business premises Jugosped, Terazije 10 – heat recuperators 7 pieces
Commercial space and private building in Belgrade – water-air heat pumps
Business building in Belgrade – server rooms split systems
Distribution of equipment ACS Shop – split systems
Center for Energy Efficiency Belgrade – heat pump 16 kW
Hubata seals doo – More multisplit units
More residential buildings in Belgrade – heat pump 9 kW, 12 kW, 16 kW
Hemofarm Sabac – VRF
Factory YAZAKI Sabac – VRF complete air conditioning
Residential building block 33 New Belgrade – split systems 110 pieces

MTA  Italy

Water factory Kosjeric – Chillers more pieces
Factory EUCHEM Belgrade – Chiller 120 kW
Balkan Polimer – Chiler 50 kW



Elementary school “Vojvoda Mišić” Pecka – HPKI-K 450kW on the wood chips
Stop Shop Shopping Center Nis – Roof top devices